Project Breakdown

Impact Area

The proposed service area is comprised of nine counties in Northwest Georgia:  Bartow, Chatooga, Dade, Floyd, Gordon, Haralson, Paulding, Polk, and Walker. In Alabama, the service areas will span the counties of Calhoun, Clay, and Cleburne. Taken together, the proposed service area totals 2,653 square miles and has a combined population of 383,980.  Broadband doesn’t recognize county or state lines so while the scope of the project is defined, the area of impact is even greater

Projected AVFN Subscribers

The projected middle-mile service will be proximate to 144,082 households and 8,327 businesses. The AVFN network can potentially reach these households and businesses through its last-mile service provider customers. Regional last-mile providers Parker Fibernet, Trenton Telephone, Anniston Fiber, Calnet and Cartersville Utility all have indicated they would be interested in subscribing to AVFN services. The limit of AVFN services is dependent of the amount of companies willing to provide access to the network.

Type of Broadband Service

AVFN proposes to build a middle-mile fiber optic broadband network that expands on the infrastructure of a pre-existing middle-mile network owned by Parker, a member of AVFN. The network will consist of a large fiber ring spanning the Georgia portion of the network, with seven nodes located in the most populous areas, and terminating points in Atlanta and Chattanooga. The nodes will be supplemented with points of presence, including multiple smaller SPOPs to satisfy demand for connectivity. Additional network redundancies and bandwidth will be created through construction of three sub-loops. A pre-existing data center in Rome will be expanded into a fiber hotel/collocation facility for northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama.

AVFN will use SONET connectivity and Wave Division Multiplexing to allow for efficient growth and future expansion of the middle-mile network. Border Gateway Protocol will be the core Internet product, peered with multiple tier 1 Internet providers. Telephony will be supported by three independent switch providers and multiple connections to AT&T. These technology solutions present a compelling case for extremely high speed, scalable and dependable broadband capabilities.

Project Benefits

AVFN provides the opportunity for large capacity, high speed broadband within the network area of Northwest Georgia and Eastern Alabama.  The benefits of the network impact users throughout the region including government agencies, education, medical and business.  The level of service the AVFN network provides will enable the region to enjoy equal or greater speed and capacity than any metropolitan area in the country.  AVFN is building an important technology infrastructure and broadband super highway  for the region which will bring enormous benefits for years to come.   We invite the world to watch us grow and be a part of the hometown of broadband.

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