AVFN provides the opportunity for large capacity, high speed broadband within the network area of Northwest Georgia and Eastern Alabama.  The benefits of the network impact users throughout the region including government agencies, education, medical and business. The level of service the AVFN network provides will enable the region to enjoy equal or greater speed and capacity than any metropolitan area in the country.  AVFN is building an important technology infrastructure and broadband super highway  for the region which will bring enormous benefits for years to come.   We invite the world to watch us grow and be a part of the hometown of broadband.

Strategically located technical colleges, community colleges and universities are available to train the workforce and support growth. These educational facilities also have a critical need for the type of service AVFN provides.


K-12 and higher education will benefit from the AVFN Network in a variety of ways including on-line classrooms, interactive lectures, research and presentations.  It is important for our region to enjoy world class access as we develop the workforce and leaders of the future.  The ability to train the workforce of tomorrow magnifies the importance of the AVFN Network. The AVFN network will provide speeds on par with any metropolitan area and put the world one “click” away for our students.


City and County Governments will enjoy affordable upgrades for inter-departmental communication and records with ultra high speed, wide area networks.   Inter-agency and regional connectivity will be enhanced and in some cases made available for the first time.   Governments will have the ability to connect departments and buildings and economically move and store vital records.

Public Safety

The ability of law enforcement and emergency services to have reliable and immediate access to data can be critical for the safety of the public as well as the officer.  The AVFN network will be one of the components of this important mission.  Access to information and speed of communication for public safety will continue to be an important priority.


Healthcare is a primary beneficiary of high speed data service.  Medical records, imaging technology and remote consultation will be made available with the capability of the AVFN network.   This will ultimately provide accessibility to  improved care and savings for patients through the availability of remote imaging and testing locations. The storage and retrieval of digital medical records will be a valuable asset for treatment and patient history as well as processing of insurance claims.


The speedy transmission of data in high volume is critical to business in the competitive world market environment. The continued health and growth of existing businesses in the region is important to job creation and stability.  Every area of the country is actively pursuing new business  and  the ability of this region to compete for new, 21st Century economic development is dependent on the availability of high speed, high capacity broadband.  Multi location businesses will have the capability to move data between facilities within their own wide area network.  Businesses in this region will have access to the fastest internet connectivity on the planet via AVFN.